Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 18, Barcelona

Another sleep-in day. And I was alarmed to see what the aliens had done to my hair when I looked in the mirror for the first time after waking. :)

Today--well, who knows? I think we'll try to find Mail Boxes Etc. first thing, so we can mail home our loot.

I've kept up my ATCs and have some new ones in the works. Wandering yesterday, I found some pretty wrapping paper that can be cut to ATC and collage size, once I get home, and also a fairly good-sized poster, which I intend to adapt in a way I've seen artists at La Rambla do. I'm not trying to be mysterious, here, but it's going to be a while before I can work on it. When I do, I'll post a picture. The technique basically involves embellishing a well-known piece with dimensional paint, glitter, etc. The effect is indeed striking.

I'm very pleased with my journal--it's mostly postcards and ATCs, with comments added, and it brings back so many memories, even now, before we've even left Spain. I know I'll always treasure it.

Look for photos and an update later.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 17

Photo from atop the Catedral de Barcelona. We explored the magnificent structure nearest our hotel and also did some shopping. It was pizza for supper, in the room--and we had KFC for lunch. Guess you could say we're getting homesick. :)
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Sunday, Day 16, in review

We were SO tired on Sunday, after our visit to Montserrat and Sitges. We banned alarm-clock setting and slept until we felt like getting up, which was very, very late. I mean, I walked to La Rambla and had my breakfast/lunch at two-thirty, which is unheard of for me. Reaching the famous street, I texted Sally, who, being nearly a decade younger, was already there, enjoying McDonald's. Since La Rambla is lined with street performers, some of whom, like the Invisible Man, are exceptionally creative. My message: "I'm here. Near the amazingly realistic black knight on horseback."

We purchased direct-from-the-artist stuff, and I think that, along with the flower stands, is probably my favorite thing about visiting a European city.

The weather was beautiful and sunny.

We're off to another slow start today--which, of course, is Monday, Day 17--but that's okay. Most museums, etc. are closed on Monday. Sally is going on ahead to scope out the post office, and I'm taking my time. Fortunately, there is at least one Mail Boxes Etc. here, because I bought a bunch of stuff.

If the Cathedral of Barcelona is open today, we will visit that. We might take another bus trip, too. Decisions, decisions.

Next Sunday, we fly home. I admit it, I will be glad to see my crew and my pets, sleep in my own bed, bathe in my own tub, etc. But this trip has restored me in so many ways.

I look forward to writing, to planting seeds and bulbs, and all the rest of it.

Thanks to pictures, my journal and my ATCs, I will always be able to relive this fabulous time-out-of-time, this lovely interlude in a lovely city.

I am so blessed, and so grateful.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Prayer Candles

I took this picture at Montserrat--and, yes, I lit a candle and offered a prayer. So did Sally. The place inspires such reverence.
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Montserrat (Day 15)

This is the facade of the basilica at Montserrat--so far, this ancient monastery has been our favorite stop. As I snapped this shot in the courtyard, the cathedral bells were ringing, echoing all around us.

Montserrat is the home of the famous Black Virgin; we waited in line for at least half an hour to see her. She's dated to the 12th century, so pretty amazing.

After Montserrat, we visited the seaside town of Sitges, and it was beautiful, being on the shores of the Med and all. We were disappointed, after the glories of Montserrat, because we arrived during siesta and by the time the shops opened up again, it was time to head for the bus. I did have a delicious pasta for lunch, however. :)

Tomorrow is Sunday, and we're planning on a REALLY slow start. As our dear old daddy used to say, Sally and I have had about all the fun we can stand for one day.
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 14, Barcelona

Today's tour included Casa Batllo, designed as a private home by Gaudi. Since he based many of his designs on shapes found in nature, sea shells, the ripple of waves, honeycombs, etc., his work has tremendous flow and beauty. Add colorful mosaic tiles by the millions, and the effect is lovely.

After the Casa Batllo, we headed down the street to visit La Pedrera, also a Gaudi creation, meant originally as an apartment house. Here, there were more flowing lines, and the balcony railings showed off the most unique metal work.

My journal is so fat it won't close anymore. :) I love knowing I'll be able to relive this trip whenever I page through my book--years ago, on an extended visit to Florence, I kept a similar journal, part scrapbook, part regular diary. To this day, it brings back clear, sharp memories--as vivid as if I were back in Italy.

We're off on a new adventure tomorrow. Watch this space.


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Swimming with the Fishes

Barcelona boasts a wonderful acquarium--I took this picture yesterday while Sal and I were walking beneath an archway entirely surrounded by water. This is as close as I'd ever want to get to one of these guys!
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Thursday, March 25, 2010


OK, I admit it. I've never been a big fan of el Pablo--but I REALLY enjoyed our visit to the museum today. Since we also hit the Barcelona Aquarium, I had to make two ATCs for Day 13. (And there might be a third. Sister Sally, now wandering the streets of Barcelona while I rest, suggested viewing the Dali exhibit before dinner, and it's not far from here.) When I get home, I plan to scan my entire travel journal, which includes the cards, and post it on Flickr and/or the website.

In the small world category, we got on the elevator last night, here at the hotel, and a nice man said hello in English, so we said hello back. I asked where he was from. Imagine my surprise when he answered, "Spokane, Washington".

Now, REALLY. What are the chances?????? Same country, some city, same hotel??? WILD!

Truly, it's a small world.


Park Guell, in the almost rain.
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I still miss someone(s)
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Day 13, Barcelona

Going where the wind--and the taxis--take us.

I'm voting for the Picasso museum.

Check back later for the whole story.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Friend

We met up at lunchtime, at a sidewalk cafe along La Rambla...
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This is one of the best shops I've ever seen. (And that's saying something.)
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March 24, 2010

At Park Guell--a festival of Gaudi mosaics.
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Day 12 (????), Barcelona

We're planning another bus sweep this morning, and we'll probably get off at the Park Guell--I don't have the little accent mark on my keyboard, but it has one :)--a celebration of the sometimes whimsical Gaudi. One of his favorite devices was mosaic tile, and tons of it, in varied colors. I'll wait until I've actually seen the park to write more description. :)

Time is flying by, although during the siesta hours, it doesn't seem that way. This slower pace has been good for me.

I have a list in my journal of places we still want to see and things we still want to do, though.

I'd better get dressed, get breakfast, and get busy!

Check this space for photos and further updates on the news from......
Beautiful Barcelona!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


That's Barcelona behind me.
We had a great day today, at Museu Nacional D'Art de Catalunya--even though the Romaneque section, which I MOST wanted to see, was closed for renovations.
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Sally with view of Barcelona

Outside the Museu Nacional D'Art de Catalunya today, March 23.
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Day 11, Barcelona

Well, we got our money's worth today, I'm telling you. (Even though we slept late, as usual.)

The highpoint was our visit to the Museu Nacional D'art De Catalunya--see pictures. Sally wanted Angela and Amanda to take special note of the blouse she's wearing.

We took another bus tour and had Domino's Pizza for supper, right here in our room.

I'm about to make the ATC for today.

Catching up--Day 10 was yesterday

Looking at that heading, I can't help feeling a little confused, so you must be, too. :) Let's just carry on from there.

We are still sleeping in every morning and THEN indulging in siesta as well--what's THAT about???

Our plan for today, (Day 11) for instance, was to head for Madrid on an early morning train, returning to Barcelona some time this evening. It didn't happen. I woke up at around three a.m. and thought: I am not ready to make a trip to Madrid today. I need more information. I heard a voice from the next bed, Sister Sally saying, "Please tell me it isn't time to get up."

My sentiments exactly.

Our problem is that, by the time we get up and running, find something to eat, hit the cash machine, etc., it's almost time for siesta! Lots of things are closed during siesta, though, fortunately, not the museums. Today, it's the Spain's national gallery of art--the name escapes me, but I will put it in later with pictures.

Madrid is still on the agenda, and the South of France, but Portugal, alas, is too far away. Another time.

Yesterday, we went to this huge shopping center on a street called the Diagonal--cracks me up. Who would have thought Barcelona would have it's own Diagon Alley, like Harry Potter's London? As I tweeted, most of the clothes seem to be cut for anorexic pygmies, but they are jazzy, and it was fun to look at them. Further from the tourist beat, this place offered many language challenges, but we survived. (Or, at least I did. Sally looked askance at the grilled octopus I had for lunch. Actually, quite tasty.)

I'm keeping up my ATC journal, and my regular journal is so full--I've been gluing in post cards and the ATCs--it won't even close. Furthermore, there is real doubt that the poor book will be able to contain the whole trip. Yesterday, I bought an exact duplicate of the journal, for Volume 2.

And that's the news from Barcelona.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday, Day 9, Barcelona

Yesterday was Sunday and I didn't blog, but here's a quick account: we did hardly anything. We were zonked--so zonked that we didn't even wake up until noon. Hunger forced us from the room, and we found that most of the restaurants and all but a very few of the shops were closed. It was rainy out, but that merely added to the charm of this old city, and we ended up eating across the street, in the establishment frequented by the Unhappy Waiter. :) (He's not rude, just unhappy. We think his face might literally break if he tried to smile. Perhaps he had dreams of being a great matador---there I go, writing again.)

Feeling the way I do about bullfighting (you shouldn't even have to ask), I'm not terribly fascinated by matadors, either. But you've got to admit that they cut a dashing figure, like the flaminco dancers. We bought miniature flaminco dresses to surprise our small nieces--they don't read the blog :)--and they are so cute. Every once in a while, we just look at each other and laugh and say, "The dresses!" We are anticipating the pictures our sister-in-law, Saint Anna, will surely take.

We slept a lot yesterday, and had dinner across the street, at Domino's! Sometimes, a gal just wants a familiar food.

Back in the room, Sally crocheted and I knitted--I'm making a plain panel to felt for a handbag when I get back to el Estados.

Believe it or not, we eventually slept again.

Today, we're going back over the route of our first bus tour and getting off in different places. There is still a lot to see.

I've been keeping up my ATC journal, too. Yesterday was a challenge, but I did make a card. I'll post later on.

And that's yesterday's news from Spain.
Today's may turn up tonight....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Street Art

I know the outlines are dimensional paint. The rest must be enamel.
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Saturday Blog (Day 8, Barcelona)

We arose relatively early this morning and headed down to the breakfast room where, for the grand sum of 36 euros each, we take sustenance. It's easier than trying out a new cafe every morning--Sally is not the adventurous eater that I am.

As I write this, it's about four in the afternoon. We started out on La Rambla--mainly a weekend market, we have discovered--and I bought some small art works I'd had my eye on--very Spanish themes--the Man of La Mancha, flaminco dancers, etc. They appear to be done with an enamel-type of paint--I will post one so you can see what I mean. I also purchased a lovely collage, directly from the artist.

Following lunch--McDonald's for Sally, paella for me--we set out for the Palau de la Musica Catalana, built in 1908, and we were blown away by the beauty of the place. We took the tour, marveled over the stained glass and the mosaics and the accoustics. Truly an amazing structure, a shrine to music from all parts of the world.

Afterward, we hoofed it for a yarn shop Sally wanted to find--and we had zero luck in that department, even after we got into the cab. When we went to get out, back here at our hotel, I found myself stuck--my seatbelt wouldn't release. :) The cab driver had to lean across me and work the thing loose--talk about awkward. Sally and I laughed and laughed--except for the fact that for the first few days we were in Barcelona, I kept asking people, in my boat-person Spanish, where I could take a bath, when what we really wanted was a rest room, this was the most humorous moment so far.

We're having a great time.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Good Golly Miss Sally

On La Rambla this morning.
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Favorite ATC so far

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Ramble 2, La Rambla

We found La Rambla almost immediately after our arrival, but we were tired and jet-lagged, and when we went back the next day, we were informed that the market is only at full tilt, at least at this time of year, Friday-Sunday.

Yesterday was, for me, a very quiet day. Sally found the Harley shop and bought her biker-chick stuff, and I stayed in, working on that outline I mentioned and generally collecting myself. I did go out for lunch, but then I returned to the hotel and took a looooong siesta. I keep thinking I'm over the jetlag, but when naptime rolls around, that's it for me.

Finding lots of small goodies for my ATCs. I'm tucking them away in my travel journal, just a way to keep them from scattering all over, as my belongings are inclined to do. I will post a few pictures here.

A special hello to my niece, Angela, and her good friend, and mine, Amanda Peterson. Watch this space for a Sally pic.

More later.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia, as mentioned on today's blog.
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Invisible man, seen (sort of) at La Rambla, a lovely street market.
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Day 6, Barcelona

No more tapwater coffee! I found a little pot to heat water and voila! Folgers.

We've been walking and seeing sights, and I'm sure my body is getting back in the exercise mode, so it's all good. So far, my stand-out favorite food here is paella, though they make a mean smoked salmon sandwich downstairs. Yesterday, I must confess, I was served the single worst wine of my life in a little sidewalk tourist trap near the beyond-glorious Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's breathtaking, amazing, incredible cathedral-in-progress---

Wine: yuck!
Cathedral: absolutely beautiful!

We saw more things from the bus, but the Sagrada Familia was definitely the highlight. How often does anyone from our time in history get to see a cathedral actually being built??? Maybe in 1242, or 1120, but 2010???? Remarkable! The inside of the structure is meant to feel like a forest, and it does--the columns expand into branch-like divisions at the top and there are palm fronds chiseled into the ceiling. I have become a fan of Antonio Gaudi, the architect of this wonderful celebration of faith and brilliance, and fortunately Barcelona is practically jammed with his buildings. We will be seeing Picasso and Dali exhibits soon.

Today, Sally goes in search of Harley-Davidson t-shirts and I catch up on a few writing details, right here in this lovely room.

Don't worry, I won't work my vacation away. Fact is, a morning in sounds pretty good to me, and I'll be going out later on for sure.

We have stumbled upon the most wonderful, tiny shops. Mostly, I've bought things to make my ATCs--have been keeping up the journals, which is lots of fun. I'm forever scavenging paper napkins, brochures, anything with words or an image to fit on an ATC or into my journal.

And I finally got my flowers! Last night, out wandering, we found a flower shop and I bought Gerberra daisies, pink. They are in my collapsible vase, and they are a splash of wondrous color.

And that's the news from my hotel-room desk.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 5, Barcelona

We took half the bus tour yesterday, and today, we're taking the other half. :) Seems we might actually, finally, be over the jet lag that floored us from the first. Breakfast soon--the tapwater coffee isn't quite making it. I'm dressed and cognizant, though my hair (there's a mirror behind the hotel desk) makes me look like a villainess in a Tim Burton movie. I must, at some point in the night, sleep standing on my head. I can't figure out what else would do these strange things to my golden tresses--unless, of course, I am being abducted by aliens at night and subjected to peculiar hairstyling experiments. :)

I told you I need coffee.

I would tell you all about the things we saw yesterday, from the bus, but the truth is, I don't really know. The plug-in English was hard to decipher. We recognized the work of the famous Gaudi, of course, and since we have time, we're planning on going back. For sure, we want to see the Picasso and Dali exhibits, and the inside of the magnificent cathedral across the street from our hotel. We are deliciously plan-free, however. We are on an adventure. When we're curious about something we've seen, we just look it up in the guidebook when we get back to the hotel.

I bought a great apron for my collection yesterday--it's ruffly, like a flamingo dancer's skirt. Maybe I can figure out a Weight Watchers version of my beloved Boeuf-Bourg when I get home. :)

I continue to make the ATCs, and also to add to my journal. Last night we found the most gorgeous postcards--they're holographic, so the images move. Just two country girls off in the big city, Sal and I practically chorused, "Well, golleeeeee!"

On to new adventures. After I see what I'm going to see, find out what it was I actually saw, I'll give you the highlights.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 4, Barcelona

Finding our way and finally shaking off the jetlag that made us want to sleep so much. Sally is dressed and ready to go out and I am still in my nightgown, writing this blog. :)

Yesterday we did a lot of walking, as usual, and took long siestas as well. We had a late lunch/early dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, one of our favorite things to do in a city we've never visited. Of course we have been trying out the local foods, too.

I've kept up my ATC journal, plus a regular one. The ATCs have been posted on Twitter, if you'd like to catch a look, and I will blog them very soon, I promise.

We're heading out for breakfast today, to be followed by a bus tour. I'm getting a major kick out of the work of Antonio Gaudi. Talk about your big imagination. The guy could have worked for Disney.

More later, mi amigas and amigos.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 3, Barcelona

At last, a good night's sleep! As I write this, I'm sipping my tapwater instant coffee (no coffee pot in this otherwise lovely room) and slowly reconnecting with the world of waking Linda. Last night, I even managed to make a couple of ATCs to commemorate days 1 and 2--lots of fun. I'm also keeping a journal and gluing postcards inside, an idea I got from my daughter.

Today, we're planning to catch one of those tour buses and hit all the high spots, the better to orient ourselves in this lovely city and figure out which sites to explore first. We strolled along the famous La Rambla yesterday afternoon--it was Sunday and three quarters of the place was shut down and it was STILL fabulous--and we're both eager to go back. I need to find a vase somewhere, because there are so many lovely flowers on sale along that street. I plan to keep our room "flowered up" right from the get-go.

The room itself is lovely. We lost our view of the Cathedral, but we still have a balcony, and the walls are painted a cheery yellow, with stencils of birds on branches. Best of all, we have an internet connection! Yes! As you know, this is not always a sure thing.

Watch this space for the adventures of two sisters abroad....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Greetings from Barcelona!

What a trip! When Sally and I arrived at our hotel yesterday, we were immediately informed that we did not have reservations. (Not until next week, anyway.) Yikes. This was after being on a transatlantic flight from New York--okay, we were in business class, so we didn't suffer that much, but STILL. Just imagine being told that you don't have anywhere to stay for seven full days.

Alas, we spent last night in 307, and today we were moved. We get to stay in the new room for the duration.

We haven't done too much exploring today, as we didn't wake up until NOON, at which time the desk called to say we had to Get Out of our room. Our stuff would be moved to the new one when the new one was ready. (This turned out to be a while.) We explored a famous street called La Rambla--shopping mostly--and walked around a lot, powered by Starbucks and diet cola.

It will be an early night. We're pooped. More tomorrow.

And that's the news from my hotel room desk in Barcelona!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is it!

First, big thanks to Jeanne Devlin and Stephanie at Nancy Berland Public Relations for helping me straighten out the goof up on my blog. It was totally my fault, but they fixed it!

So today I head for Seattle, where I will meet up with Sister Sally. We'll spend the night, have a nice dinner, talk a lot, and hopefully get to sleep VERY early, because our flight leaves at a time when I'm usually still in my bathrobe. :) We fly across to JFK, then over to Barcelona, arriving at nine o'clock in the morning.

Spain! I can't believe it. I've been to a lot of other countries, but never to Spain, and I'm very excited, as you already know. :) One thing I definitely WON'T be doing? Going anywhere near a bullfight.

If I can blog on the layover at JFK, I will. If not, I will be in sunny Spain when you next hear from me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Last Minute

I love the last minute. I always get so much done then. :) (I leave for Seattle tomorrow and for Spain on Friday, making this pretty much qualify as the L.M.)

Yesterday, I had a dental appointment, and I went shopping for clothes. As I wrote before, I didn't want to travel abroad wearing duds with paint splatters all over them.

Trying on the new stuff was discouraging. I have gained a lot of weight, since I stopped smoking on June 23. I'm hoping that all the walking in Spain will get me back in exercise mode, and of course the seafoods, etc., should be lovely in Barcelona, making it easy to eat in a healthy way.

But back to the last minute. My to-do list keeps sprouting new things that MUST be done before I leave.

Pack. Change purses. Charge various electronics. Charge the chargers.

Yikes. Best get busy.

The last minute has definitely arrived.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

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Paint on Everything

Including the dog. (Just kidding.)

My fingers-- my clothes--everything around here is paint-speckled. I see some of my experimental rubber stamping on tissue paper soaked right through to the table top. There are little faces with eyes and everything looking up at me from the surface.

I started an abstract painting yesterday, and since the main color is my beloved quinacrodone crimson, parts of the studio resemble a crime scene. The painting is coming along nicely, actually, but it needs some time to dry before I noodle with it any more. The tendency to noodle is one of my failings. :)

Around here, the general concensus is that I REALLY need a vacation. :)

I agree. I keep thinking thoughts like, "this time next week, I'll be in Spain".

I can't wait. Travel recharges me in ways nothing else does, and I expect Barcelona to jazz me up on every level.

And that's the news from Linda's kitchen table on this so far cloudy morning.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday Notes

I'm glad you can't see my kitchen table right now--it is covered with art supplies. :) I've been making ATCs this weekend, some for swapping and some for keeping in one of the binders I reserve for such things. The technique of the week (poetry is in my blood, just kidding) has been rubber stamping an image onto white tissue paper and then gluing it to a background. The glue, of course, makes the tissue transparent, and the effect can be really cool. (Also, it can look weird, but that's the nature of artistic discovery.) When the tissue is dry, I like to color in with markers.

I have a million things to do to get ready for the trip to Barcelona, but I'm not in a panic. They will all get done. How can I be so sure? Because, somehow, things always DO get done.

I started crocheting a pillow on Friday nite, and it's a really pretty pattern. However, I made a very visible mistake, so I'm ripping it out. Starting over. Needlework is very soothing to the soul, so I will continue.

How about those Oscars? I didn't actually watch--I just waited to find out this morning--but I was very happy for Sandra Bullock especially. And for Jeff Bridges. I could relate to his emotion about his dad. I still miss mine like crazy.

And so it goes.

Lots to do, lots to think about, and lots to be grateful for.

Be blessed.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Linda Zone

You would not believe the FOG. It comes up the draw, right to the back of the house, and completely blankets the 10-acre pasture. Now, when someone accuses me of having my head in the clouds, they will have a point. :)

I have a phone meeting and a desperately-needed appointment for a haircut and a touch up this afternoon. I was up late last night, putting finishing touches on "Austin", so I'm a little spacy this morning. (You might have guessed that by the way this blog seems to be going.)

I have a great idea for journaling in Spain--we leave next week--I will make one ATC for every day, using ticket stubs, parts of shopping bags, colorful brochures, or whatever presents itself. I intend to take along some of those little plastic sandwich bags and label each one by date, just in case I need to save some of the finishing work for after I get home. Then I will decorate a box especially for storing my ATC journal.

I hope to be able to update you from Barcelona, blogging and posting pictures, but there are never any guarantees when it comes to computer hook ups in foreign countries. :) I will do my best, though, I promise you that, and definitely post pictures when I get back.

The Linda Zone. It's an odd but comfortable place.

For me, anyway.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Cloudy, with a chance of meatballs

That's my kitchen-table forecast for today. The sky is cloudy, but the sun is trying to peek through, so who knows?

I'm putting the finishing touches on "Austin" today, and my mom and her friend Carol are stopping by for a visit this afternoon.

Mary Ann's son, Derek, has been visiting from Canada, and he goes back to the Land of the Maple Leaf this morning. We will miss him sorely around here.

Preparations for Barcelona continue.

And I have a strange craving for meatballs.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Details, Details!

There are so many details to take care of before I leave on my much-anticipated trip to Spain. I need a to-do list for all my to-do lists!

Of course arrangements had to be made for the care of the dogs and cats. Check.

My hair is in desperate need of attention. (Thursday afternoon.)

Giving "Austin" one final polish. (Today.)

Making sure all my ATC trades are sent out before I leave, so I don't get any bad ratings on Swapbot or Art42.org.

Packing. (Oh, dear.)

I had better get to work.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Reminder, etc.

First of all, the much anticipated Spokane, Washington weather report. Sunshine and clear skies. Yeehaw!!!

The big contest over at http://www.takeacowboyhome.com/ is about to close, so I hope you've entered for your chance to win $10,000 and/or a trip to Las Vegas, with accommodations at the lovely Paris. (This is the reminder.)

And now for the 'etc.'! I finished "Austin" on Friday, polished on Saturday, and we're good to go!
Talk about a YEEHAW, ladies and gentlemen. I stayed on till the buzzer went off, but it was a wild ride, writing those three McKettrick books. I guess I just threw my heart into the story and went in after it.


And I'd do it again, too.

Sadie has exercise class today, and I might go out and buy a certain size knitting needles--circular. I'm trying to make this uber simple cowl--I will keep you posted. If you want to read about REAL knitting, visit my good friend Debbie Macomber's website. :) That woman can knit a Van Gogh into the front of a sweater. Amazing.

Why the new interest in knitting? It keeps my hands busy, because even after 8 months off cigarettes, I need that. And I don't have to be good at it. I find that soothing.

And that's the chatter from Linda's kitchen table.